Payment T&Cs

Junior Squads

Squads run for 10 weeks and the full 10 weeks fees to be paid in advance before the first week.

Sessions are not on a pay-as-you-go basis, if you miss a session due to illness, holidays or bad weather you can attend any other day to make up for it, during the same week or up to 2 weeks after, the reason for this is, if you can do 10 sessions during 10 weeks you will improve.

Missed squad sessions cannot be carried over as Credits in to the next block of 10 sessions.

Please see "Junior Squads Information" for more details

Private Tennis Lessons

Private lesson fee has to be paid in advance or at the latest during the lesson, not hours, day or days after (as we don't have time to do credit control and chase payments).

For any reason if you wish to cancel your private lesson, minimum 24-hours notice must be given, if not, full fee needs to be paid. In some cases, we appreciate that you may feel ill with in less than 24-hours or been injured or any other reason... we of course will sympathise with you, but as we did not cause your illness, injury or other reason, we should not be penalised for it and therefore full lesson fee needs to be paid.

Sessions canceled by the coach during extreme weather conditions or any other reason, do not need to be paid, if you have already paid, the payment will be carried over to the next session, but please do not assume and make a decision of your own regarding the weather, as the weather changes from locality to locality, which means, it may be bad or raining where you are, but it could be absolutely fine to train in Swanland. We have seen this many times over the last 23 + years.

Adult Squads

The coach will contact you a day or two before to ask you for your attendance.

Fees for Adult squads are on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Adult squad fees has to be paid ideally in advance or latest during the session.. not 2 or 3 days later, as we do not have much time to do credit control and chase payments please.

If you confirm that you will be attending an Adult Squad and  cancel it for any reason on the morning of the squad, you will need to pay the squad fee, as the coach would have made arrangements.

School Holiday Camps

School Holiday Camp fees must be paid in advance when booked, not during or after the attendance.

If you do not pay when you make the booking, you may lose your place.

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  • "I have trained with Teo for 3 1/2 years now but really wish I had found his tennis slimmers group earlier. Every week I look forward to going even in winter as Teo always makes it fun, a great way to exercise and also socialise." Lynda H
  • "I have been attending Tennis classes with Teo for over 10 years. I was a complete beginner when I started playing and I liked that I could train and try to improve my tennis and my fitness in and unpressured, fun and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend his coaching for everyone from beginners upwards." Anne A
  • "Since starting at Teo’s tennis training 16 years ago I’ve made lots friends and kept up a good level of fitness. Playing in great surroundings and the fresh air keeps me coming back. If you like tennis and want some exercise I would recommend it, whatever your age." Ann K
  • "I have been training with Teo for 5 years. I have improved my tennis significantly. We meet in a group every Tuesday evening and do tennis drills including ground strokes,volleying,singles and doubles play. We always finish with a game. It's great fun and highly enjoyable with a great bunch of people. Teo is an excellent coach and I always feel on top of the world after one of these sessions." Chris Z
  • "Tennislimmers is a great way for me to keep fit, have fun and improve my tennis. Teo's group session provides a great balance of coaching and game play, it is the perfect end to my working week! Thanks Teo!" A G