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November 2019 Players of the Month

Player of the month criteria:

  • Training hard
  • Improving in tennis (technical, tactical, physical and mental)
  • Listening
  • Concentrating
  • Not messing around and being destructive, and
  • Being nice to other players as well as coaches.

When a player fulfills all this criteria, his/her name goes on the list every week and at the end of the month, a player whose name appears the most number of times on the list receives the "player of the month trophy".


 Mo 4pm, Red, Stanley


 Mon 4pm, Orange, Kons


 Tues 4pm, Red, Connie


 Tues 4pm, orange, Saif


 Thurs 4pm,Red, James


 Fri 4pm, Red, Maulik


 Fri 4pm, Orange, Ruby


 Sat 10am, Red, Oscar


 Sat 10am, Orange, Eliza


Sat 10am, Yellow Ball, Grace

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  • "I have trained with Teo for 3 1/2 years now but really wish I had found his tennis slimmers group earlier. Every week I look forward to going even in winter as Teo always makes it fun, a great way to exercise and also socialise." Lynda H
  • "I have been attending Tennis classes with Teo for over 10 years. I was a complete beginner when I started playing and I liked that I could train and try to improve my tennis and my fitness in and unpressured, fun and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend his coaching for everyone from beginners upwards." Anne A
  • "Since starting at Teo’s tennis training 16 years ago I’ve made lots friends and kept up a good level of fitness. Playing in great surroundings and the fresh air keeps me coming back. If you like tennis and want some exercise I would recommend it, whatever your age." Ann K
  • "I have been training with Teo for 5 years. I have improved my tennis significantly. We meet in a group every Tuesday evening and do tennis drills including ground strokes,volleying,singles and doubles play. We always finish with a game. It's great fun and highly enjoyable with a great bunch of people. Teo is an excellent coach and I always feel on top of the world after one of these sessions." Chris Z
  • "Tennislimmers is a great way for me to keep fit, have fun and improve my tennis. Teo's group session provides a great balance of coaching and game play, it is the perfect end to my working week! Thanks Teo!" A G