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April 2019 Players of the Month

Player of the month criteria:

  • Training hard
  • Improving in tennis (technical, tactical, physical and mental)
  • Listening
  • Concentrating
  • Not messing around and being destructive, and
  • Being nice to other players as well as coaches.

When a player fulfills all this criteria, his/her name goes on the list every week and at the end of the month, a player whose name appears the most number of times on the list receives the "player of the month trophy".


Monday 4 p.m. squad - Red - NatASHA F

 Monday 4 p.m. squad - ORANGE - RONNIE P

 Monday 4 p.m. squad - YELLOW - BEN R

 TUESday 4 p.m. squad - Red - ANNABELLE D

 TUESday 4 p.m. squad - ORANGE - AARON C

 WEDNESday 4 p.m. squad - Red - HONEYROSE H



 WEDNESday 4 p.m. squad - ORANGE - OWEN M

 THURSday 4 p.m. squad - Red - SANDY Y

 THURSday 4 p.m. squad - ORANGE - LUCA Y

 FRIday 4 p.m. squad - Red - GABIJA S

 FRIday 4 p.m. squad - ORANGE - JOSH L

 SATURday 10 A.m. squad - Red - ANNABELLE T

 SATURday 10 A.m. squad - ORANGE - ISOBEL N


















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  • "I have trained with Teo for 3 1/2 years now but really wish I had found his tennis slimmers group earlier. Every week I look forward to going even in winter as Teo always makes it fun, a great way to exercise and also socialise." Lynda H
  • "I have been attending Tennis classes with Teo for over 10 years. I was a complete beginner when I started playing and I liked that I could train and try to improve my tennis and my fitness in and unpressured, fun and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend his coaching for everyone from beginners upwards." Anne A
  • "Since starting at Teo’s tennis training 16 years ago I’ve made lots friends and kept up a good level of fitness. Playing in great surroundings and the fresh air keeps me coming back. If you like tennis and want some exercise I would recommend it, whatever your age." Ann K
  • "I have been training with Teo for 5 years. I have improved my tennis significantly. We meet in a group every Tuesday evening and do tennis drills including ground strokes,volleying,singles and doubles play. We always finish with a game. It's great fun and highly enjoyable with a great bunch of people. Teo is an excellent coach and I always feel on top of the world after one of these sessions." Chris Z
  • "Tennislimmers is a great way for me to keep fit, have fun and improve my tennis. Teo's group session provides a great balance of coaching and game play, it is the perfect end to my working week! Thanks Teo!" A G